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Hochzeitsanzug mit Blauem Anzug und hellblauer Hochzeitweste.
Outfit Claudio
Hellblaue Hochzeitsweste  mit hellblauen Plastron und blauen Anzugshosen.
Blauer Anzug mit cognac Lederschuhen.
Hellblaues Hochzeitseinstecktuch in blauem Anzug.
Hellblaue Hochzeitweste mit cognac Ledergürtel und blauem Anzug.
Blaue Anzughose mit hellblauer Weste und cognac Lederschuhe und Ledergürtel.
Lederschuhe in cognac.

Outfit Claudio

Includes waist coat, shirt, shoes, and 3 accessories - The elegant outfit for the smart groom or best man.

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Suit Jacket & Trousers Blue

99.00 CHF

Hellblaue Hochzeitsweste mit Muster. Wedding Waistcoat Light Blue

49.00 CHF

Weisses Hemd. Shirt White

30.00 CHF

Hellblauer Hochzeitsplastron mit Muster. Wedding Plastron Light Blue

15.00 CHF

Hellblaues Hochzeitseinstecktuch mit Muster. Wedding Pocket Square Light Blue

15.00 CHF

Ledergürtel in cognac. Belt Cognac

14.00 CHF

Shoes Cognac

33.00 CHF

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All-inclusive package without washing

The outfit Claudio is most suitable if you are attending an emotional festive event with your family or your closest friends. For example for grooms, groomsmen, or family members at weddings, as well as Christmas celebrations. The highlights of this outfit are the waistcoat, bow tie, and pocket square in light blue, each adorned with the same delicate pattern that gives them a very elegant appearance. If you prefer to replace the bow tie with a tie in the same style, use the Pick your accessories button. The white shirt brings out the details of the accessories. The shoes and the matching belt in Cognac create the perfect contrast to the dark blue tone of the suit.

Tip for grooms: For unforgettable wedding photos, wear Claudio yourself and dress all of your groomsmen in the outfit Adrian. Adrian is similar to Claudio but includes a waistcoat, bow tie, and pocket square with the same delicate pattern in ivory-white instead of light blue.