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Ball and No Suit Yet? Let adretto Help You!

The prom is one of the highlights in the lives of many people and an event that remains memorable.
Therefore, it is of great importance to appear in a stylish suit on this special day and
wear matching chic accessories.

At adretto, you'll find the perfect solution for your suit/tuxedo and accessories so that you feel
completely comfortable in your outfit and capture all the attention.

Young man in a suit without a tie

Ball Suit - the Opportunity to Showcase Your Best Side

At major events, you have the unique opportunity to showcase your best side. Being a standout
while radiating timeless elegance in a suit is priceless. Your carefully chosen outfit not only earns
you respect but also a considerable amount of confidence.

So why not turn your occasion into a styling event? Instead of buying a new suit every time, consider
renting a high-quality suit. This way, you avoid the uncomfortable feeling of wearing the same suit
in every picture and can instead shine with varied, stylish ensembles.

Young man in a black suit with a tie outdoors

What Ball Occasions Are There?

For all these occasions, you can wear a suit, as it is usually expected.

  • Prom
  • Graduation Ball
  • Masquerade Ball
  • Dance Ball
  • Christmas Ball
  • New Year's Eve Ball
  • Charity Ball
  • Anniversary Ball
  • Award Ceremony
  • Award Event

Keep in mind that the choice of colors could be important, depending on the occasion.

What Suit Should a Man Wear to the Ball?

Learn everything about the perfect fit and colors for your ideal suit in this section.

Young man in a blue suit with a bow tie outdoors

Which Colors for the Ball Suit?

The choice of color for your ball suit depends on the occasion and your personal style. Here are some common options:

  • Black: A safe and timeless choice suitable for any occasion.
  • Navy Blue: Elegant and less formal than black.
  • Gray: Stylish and versatile, a good alternative to black.
  • Burgundy or Emerald Green: For the bold, a striking, trendy look.
  • Dark Brown: Refined and classic, especially nice with light shirts.

It's important that you feel comfortable and confident in your suit.

Man in a black suit with a tie

Finding the Ideal Fit for the Ball Suit

For the perfect appearance at the ball, the fit of your suit is crucial. Here are some
quick tips for a well-fitting suit:

Shoulders and Chest: The suit should fit comfortably on the shoulders and chest, not too tight or
too loose. The shoulder seams should end at the outer shoulder bones.

Sleeve Length: The sleeves should end about 1 inch (2.54 cm) from the wrist, allowing
the shirt or cuff to be visible.

Jacket Length: The length of the jacket should reach the middle of your buttocks or slightly below
to ensure a balanced silhouette.

Pants: The pants should fit comfortably at the waist, without slipping or squeezing. The length of
the legs should be such that they rest on the shoe and create a slight fold.

Waist Suppression: A good suit is often slightly suppressed at the waist to emphasize
your waist and achieve a flattering fit.

If all these aspects apply, you have found a comfortable and well-fitting suit.

Finding the Ideal Ball Suit for Men Made Easy

Finding the perfect ball suit for men is easier than ever today, thanks to the rental concept like adretto.
Instead of buying, we recommend renting classic pieces that are timeless and withstand trends.
This way, your suit remains relevant even after the ball.

Man in a black suit with a black tie outdoors

adretto - Renting Suits Made Easy

A harmony of tradition and modernity. The suits are absolutely casual and ideal for your body shape.

It's not uncommon to be faced with the decision of what to wear. But especially on special days,
we should think in advance about what to wear. Especially at a ball.

With adretto, we combine tradition and modernity in casual suits for every body type. For special
occasions like balls, we are happy to help you find the perfect wardrobe. Simply enter your body
measurements into our configurator, order the perfectly fitting suit, and return it unwashed
after the event - we'll take care of the rest.

Do you have more occasions? Then feel free to discover the tuxedos, business suits, black tie tuxedos, and many more.