Interview mit Linda

Interview with Linda

Linda Noz is the woman for our German customers. With a lot of patience and commitment, she ensures that happiness prevails in our neighboring country.

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Why did you change job-wise to the startup world?
I imagined working in a start-up to be very agile and flexible. One goal for my new job was to learn as many new things as possible and to get to know all areas of a company. Since everyone in a young company lends a hand, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to develop myself further and to leave my comfort zone. With a small team, cohesion is extremely important and is particularly encouraged. This creates a great working atmosphere and room for free development.

Would you say that you left your comfort zone for adretto?
In any case. At adretto I am given a lot of responsibility and trust, which allows me to grow and get better every day. I have moved a lot out of my comfort zone, not only in terms of work, but also personally. Starting with job interviews and customer contact on the phone. I am allowed to make many decisions of my own and grow from them every day. Today I can make decisions that would have been unimaginable for me a year ago.

What makes your work at adretto special?
Personal advice makes every working day individual and varied. Helping customers with really important decisions like “What do I wear to my wedding?” stand by with advice and action. I can help them find a suitable outfit for their occasion and they really appreciate it and are really grateful. There are almost never bad or tedious conversations, but always positive ones. We have a great team with which we can grow quickly and everyone is allowed to contribute their own ideas.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I am very happy to make my customers happy. To advise them and to be able to help them. Not only do I learn new things about suits and tuxedos, but I am allowed to learn new things every day in all areas. I've had the privilege of being with adretto from the start and seeing how we become the market leader in the field of "renting suits and tuxedos for men". That makes me very proud.

Have you ever had moments when you asked yourself why you put yourself through the startup stress?
When a lot comes together, the barrel can often spill over. The nice thing is that at adretto you are not alone. We have a super dynamic in the team, so we support each other. Together we solve every problem and master every difficulty.

Is there a funny neat moment that you can tell us about?
When we chose the slogan for adretto. We wanted to find a very modern and cool sentence and first looked for rhymes. We failed very quickly, except for “adretto” Klaro?” we couldn't think of anything better. In the end we looked for existing slogans and ended up with “Red Bull gives you wings and adretto gives you suits”. We still have to work on that a bit 🙂
Hand on heart: does your dream man wear a suit?
Of course, but only one from adretto!

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