Wie muss ein Anzug sitzen?

How should a suit fit?

A well-fitting suit is the key to a trustworthy and professional appearance. Whether you choose a classic or trendy look, the right fit is crucial.
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Easily determine the right fit

In this blog article, we will take an in-depth look at the different aspects you should consider when choosing and wearing a suit. You will know how a suit should fit at the end of this article.

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Your suit guide for a successful appearance

In a hectic everyday life, there are many situations in which a suit with the wrong fit can be uncomfortable. Let's imagine you have an important business meeting and you're wearing a suit that's not properly tailored to your body measurements. During the meeting you notice that the suit is constantly pinching and pinching. This can be very distracting and uncomfortable, especially when you need to concentrate on the presentation or negotiations.

In such situations, it becomes clear how important it is to choose a well-fitting suit that gives you comfort and confidence.

The shoulders: Perfect fit without wrinkles or tension

The shoulders of the suit are crucial. They should fit your own shoulders perfectly without causing wrinkles or tension. The shoulder seams should be exactly at the outer ends of your shoulder bones. When the suit fits correctly, the shoulders give the jacket a clear line and an elegant fall. Make sure that the shoulder area is not too wide or too narrow.

The sleeves: The right length and width

The suit's sleeves should cover your wrists, but shouldn't be too long. A slight break on the wrist is acceptable and adds an elegant touch to the suit. Make sure that the sleeves are neither too tight nor too wide. The right sleeve length ensures that the shirt underneath is shown to its best advantage.

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The jacket length: emphasizes the hip area

The length of the jacket is another important aspect. The jacket should fall just over your hips and lightly cover your butt. A jacket that is too short looks unprofessional and can spoil the overall impression. On the other hand, a jacket that is too long can disrupt your proportions. However, younger suit wearers tend to have jackets that are a little shorter and crisper - which is certainly justified in many areas.

The pants: Comfortable and well-fitting

The pants of a suit should fit comfortably at the waist without riding or being too tight. The hem of the pants should rest on the shoes and form a slight fold. However, there is also room for personal style here. Young people wearing suits often prefer cropped trousers that show off colorful socks. This is also now tolerated in many areas.

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The fit: Slim silhouette and sufficient freedom of movement

The overall fit of the suit should provide a slim and contoured silhouette without being too tight or too loose. Make sure you have enough room to move around comfortably. The right fit emphasizes the right places without creating uncomfortable tension.

A suit that is too tight or too big? An absolute No-Go

No matter whether you choose a tight-fitting slim-fit suit or a classic cut, one thing is absolutely not possible: a suit that is way too tight or way too big. A suit that's too tight will look like you're squeezing into a skin that's way too tight, while a suit that's too big will make it look like you've been rummaging through grandma's closet. Always stick to the basic key details so that your suit fits perfectly.

The right size is the starting point for a well-fitting suit. Make sure the fit suits your figure and stature. The length of the jacket and trousers, the width of the shoulders and the width of the trouser legs should be tailored to your needs. The right buttons, collar, lapels and other details add to the overall appearance. They can add a personal touch to your look and underline your style.

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Bring personality to your suit look!

Choosing the right material and pattern

Choosing the material and pattern of your suit depends on various factors, including the occasion and season. Classic suits are often made from high-quality wool, while lighter materials such as linen or cotton are suitable for summer. The pattern of your suit, be it a classic black, a subtle check or a more striking design, should match your personal style and the occasion.

Note: A suit can be just as comfortable as it is stylish. Choose the fabric that not only feels comfortable on the skin, but also leaves an elegant impression.

Perfect styling for your suit

The right fit and details are crucial, but styling also plays an important role. Pay attention to the choice of accessories, such as a tie, shirt and shoes. They should harmonize with your suit. Choosing the right shoes and socks is especially important if you choose a cropped trouser option where the socks are visible.

A well-fitting suit is a must-have for a serious appearance. The right fit, the choice of details and the right styling are crucial to giving your suit a personal touch and making you look perfect in every situation. Stick to the basic rules, but don't be afraid to add your own style and taste. With a perfectly fitting suit you can exude confidence and leave a lasting impression.

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